The ubiquitous percussion instrument of the Middle East has many names (darbouka, dumbek, Middle Eastern tabla, etc.) is played in many countries (Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Greece, etc.) and goes well beyond accompanying oriental dance in scope.
I have studied the ancient art of rhythm making extensively in Egypt, Turkey, and the United States, all the while incorporating the intricate techniques of the Turkish style and the trance feel of the North African styles.

In 2012 I joined the Bushwa Hawkers, adding a unique rhythmic flare as back bone to the all female psycho-freak-folk outfit which is influenced by bluegrass and underground country styles. In the face of the end of the modern world, the band of trickster femme-freaks recorded an EP and took to the road, playing hot spots all over California.

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The Bushwa Hawkers Drumming for the Bushwa Hawkers